Welcome Dr.Chengbing Li from Inner Mongolia University, China to be conference committee!

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Dr.Chengbing Li, Inner Mongolia University, China

Since joined in the work in 2011, he has taken charge of and completed 5 projects granted from Inner Mongolia Natural Science Fund , Educational Office of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Transportation Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, has completed 6 projects as a chief researcher granted from National Natural Science Fund, Educational Office of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and China Ocean Shipping Company, has published 15 papers on some international academic journals and 10 papers on some excellent domestic academic journals and has applied 2 computer software copyright successfully as a first author.  He has been a reviewer expert of a well-known academic journal “China Safety Science Journal” and a member of System Engineering Institute and China Society of Logistics. He has been engaged in research related to Transportation Planning and Management, Optimization Theory, and Science Management and Engineering fields, especially in the City Agglomeration Transportation field.